LevelOne WAP-6003 - Radio access point - 5 ports - 100Mb LAN - Wi-Fi - 2.4 GHz

Manufacturer LevelOne
Manufacturer# 540664
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The LevelOne WAP-6003 is a wireless access point that offers home and office users 802.11n technology at a competitive price. With wireless speeds of up to 150 Mbps, it offers big improvements devices for users who want to surf the net, stream videos and conduct large file transfers all at the same time. Supports AP, client, WDS, and Repeater modes for customized wireless deployments. In WDS mode, WAP-6003 acts as a wireless bridge/Access Point hybrid for connecting to two separate wireless networks simultaneously. This provides greater access to network resources for more users. In repeater mode, it allows extended coverage and greater signal strength for greatly improved wireless network (WLAN) range. The WAP-6003 handles simultaneous wireless traffic easily and efficiently.

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